Idoc was founded by Pratik in 2014 having no idea of becoming what it is today. Electronics & technology were close since early stages of life. Breaking things was initial love, ended up in joining them.

In his words-

It all started when I was working in a IT Company & owned iPhone 4S. Jailbreak was the first love, which is still an important part of my phone. Later came in LOGO LED Light which basically makes the apple logo glow in iPhone same as it does in a MacBook. I was not able to digest the satisfaction I had & wanted to do more for others by then. I first started our main Instagram page idoc_i with an intention of providing software services, jailbreak etc. The Led logo thing was very unique & I thought of selling it. At that point of time there were very few people in India who knew something like this is possible in India. This ended up exploring me to CHINA which was a breakthrough. Not only led logo but I found thousands of new products at unimaginable price range. This in turn ended up becoming an accessory store. 

I always try to consider price with the worth a product has. Price range is and will always be an important part of Idoc. 

Team Idoc.